About the project


My name is Orbán Sebestyén Zsombor (Zéró). I am of hungarian descent and work as a weather observer in Baia Mare city, Romania.  Passionate about exploring from a young age, I started my preparation with hikings in the Carpathian Mountains. Independent and eccentric, I mostly traveled alone, experiencing the freedom and beauty of the wilderness. Beside the enjoyable side this approach also makes me aware of the difficulties and risks involved in the game and largely contributed to the development of my personality. Interested in topography and climatology, I was always surrounded by atlases and travel books, liked to memorize weird place names from exotic countries and charts like “highest-lowest, biggest-smallest”. I first heard about the term “topo-climatology” in the early college period and I instantly knew that this is my domain.

After many years of lonely traveling and exploring I decided to start a project which will encompass these three main elements: topo-climatology, exploring, extreme. The result: I will travel to the most remote and bleak places of the planet where I will do professional meteorological measurements.  The selection of the target areas and the research period will be meticulous, based on multiple sources: the WMO (World Meteorological Organization) data base, various forecast sites, climatological and topographical maps, digital elevation models and GoogleEarth.

In the field I will use more devices to increase the accuracy and also to have a more clear conclusion regarding the results afterwards. Subsequently the measurements will be compared with the ones taken at the same time at the meteorological stations of the visited country (but not only). In the journeys I will use international and local flights, trains, buses and 4wd cars, but in all cases I will try to do the concrete research part unsupported, reaching the main target by foot and camping alone nearby. Each “exile” will be classified in one of these three domains: heat, cold and amplitude.

I will try to make up a decent combination between science and adventure, as an expression of my commitment for both truth and freedom.